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Dedicated Talking Tots staff.


Who will be involved with my child?

A child will always be followed by a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), if he/she is on the Talking Tots caseload. A SLP is a regulated health professional, who has been trained to provide speech and language intervention for children with communication delays/disorders. This includes assessment, consultation, monitoring and therapy. A SLP will hold a Masters Degree or equivalent, specializing in speech and language pathology.

Therapy goals that have been determined by a SLP and parent may be carried out by a number of individuals. These may include SLP, Communication Disorders Assistant (CDA), Speech Assistant, Resource teacher, daycare staff, etc. and will depend on the needs of the child. If a child is seen for a period of therapy by a CDA or Speech Assistant, this is always completed under the supervision of an SLP.

Communicative Disorders

A Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) is an individual who has been trained to implement speech and language therapy by a recognized school program (post secondary college diploma).