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Completing the Talking Tots speech and language development checklist.

Speech and Language Checklist

Select your child's age from the links below then check off the features your child demonstrates consistently in everyday speech.

The 5 year old child should:

  • Use sentences of 5 to 6 words
  • Define objects by their use (you eat with a fork) and can tell what objects are made of
  • Know spatial relations like "on top," "behind," far" and "near"
  • Know their address
  • Use all speech sounds correctly with the possible exceptions of "th," "j," "z" and "zh" (as in measure)
  • Understand that big/little, hard/soft and same/different are opposites
  • Use future, present and past tense
  • Stay with one activity for 12 to 13 minutes
  • Use all types of sentences, some of which will be complex (e.g. "I can go in the house after I take off my muddy shoes.")